Time Time Off Features

Accorto integrates Time Off management for minimum overhead into the timesheet. Users just select a Holiday, Vacation or PTO project in the timesheet.

Time-Off Accruals

You can manage entitlements for Vacation, Holiday, etc.

Calculate entitlement hours automatically based on a frequency

  • weekly (e.g. 2 hours/week)
  • semi-monthly
  • monthly
  • yearly
  • once

Assign employees to different entitlements, e.g.

  • 1 hour/week
  • 1.5 hours/week
  • 2 hours/week

Alternatively, import the accruals or enter and adjust entitlements manually. You can also provide an API to calculate the entitlement based on your requirements.

Time-Off Requests

Employees can view their entitlement and submit paid time off (PTO) requests for approval. PTO Requests reserve/reduce the available PTO balance.

You can enter time-off requests also in Community sites.

Time-Off Entry

The actual vacation time is entered and submitted in the timesheet. The PTO balance is updated based on the actual vacation time entered.

Report on PTO balance, requested and actual time off.

Holiday Entries

Usually, people select a holiday project in the timesheet. You can also pre-populate holiday time.