Professional Services Automation

Comprehensive Time+Expense Tracking with Project and Resource Management.

Manage Time, Expenses, Projects, Resources and Billing.

Accorto Introduction

Time and Expense Management

Integrating project and resource management with billing.

Accorto is professional-grade time and expense management software that gives you the power to seamlessly integrate project and resource management with billing – from opportunity to project to invoice and payroll integration.

Streamline processes, improve efficiencies and sharpen profit visibility with Accorto’s advanced metrics, flexible functionality and user-friendly interface.



Create Projects from Opportunities, from a Template or import. Manage Project budgets. Record Time and Expenses for Projects. Monitor project performance.

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Capture Time in weekly Timesheet, daily Timecard, Mobile, or directly from any Salesforce object (account, opportunity, case, custom).

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Enter Expenses; Import from Statements; Capture Receipt on Mobile; Full Multi-Currency

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Manage Employees or Contractors; Assign to Projects; View Assignments and Availability

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Create Customer Invoices based on Time + Material or fixed price.

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Manage Entitlements, Time-off Requests as well as Holidays and Leave

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Native Salesforce Application

Accorto is different – unlike other PSA software, Accorto is a native Salesforce application, giving you the versatility to customize objects and extend their application within Salesforce with a minimal learning curve. All data is securely stored in Salesforce and with that available for all reporting and dashboard options.

In addition to our personalized product support, we provide customization and configuration services, training and an expert Help Desk. Accorto is truly professional services automation – for professionals. Get a free Demo and experience for yourself the smarter, easier, more powerful PSA solution.

Accorto includes consulting businesses and departments, art agencies and service delivery companies of all sizes among its satisfied customers.

With functionality that supports the business processes for managing projects (e.g. from opportunities) and resources (internal, external), capturing and processing time and expenses to creating invoices and payroll information, Accorto provides true automation in a PSA solution.

Salesforce Partner since 2008Accorto Time+Expense

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Accorto is a native Salesforce apps, so you can utilize all security, reporting and customization options of the platform.

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We only need to charge for development work like integrations.

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