Classic UI Demos

Demos using the Salesforce Classic UI

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Enter time in weekly Timesheet

fter you logged into Salesforce – go to the Timesheet tab

by default you see the current view, change date for different week

select a project – Accorto provides multiple ways selecting projects easier and faster – one option is that you see only the projects you are assigned to – or view all. Different users in your organizations can be assigned to the different project selection modes

categorize your time with activity types – if you don’t use it you could just hide it

you could also add your custom fields

enter time in decimal hours: 1.5 for 90 minutes

save – enter an many lines, additional 10 lines after you save or click on New

Capture Time from Case

In addition to entering the time in the timesheet, you can capture time directly from any Salesforce object you spend time in. Let’s use cases as an example:

go to the Salesforce Cases tab

pick a case

click Capture Time button

enter time spent

you will see only the projects for the account, you can customize Cases also that the project is automatically selected

enter description, optionally publish it in the case

in the history check how much time you or someone else spent time earlier

Enter Time on Mobile

If you are on the go, you can capture time also from any mobile device or browser.

in the Welcome Tab, click on Mobile or go directly to

login with your Salesforce credentials

enter time more convenient here, e.g enter 90 for 90 minutes or 1:30 or 1.5


You can also - start a timer - Check-In and Check-Out later - View your timesheet

Submit your Timesheet

After entering your time, submit it for approval and processing.

Check your total hours so far in the table footer

You could also enter per diems right here with the time if you use per diems in our org

when you are ready, submit your timesheet for approval and processing

Your organization can send email reminders if you have not submitted your time in the timeframe expected.

You can also enter multiple timesheets per week, view what you entered for the selected week in the header of the table or in your T+E Reports.