T+E Report Features

Time reports are usually submitted weekly, although you can create multiple time reports for a week. Expense reports are often submitted as needed.

Time+Expense Report Structure

When you create / submit a time report you can split it by project, e.g. for review by the different project managers.

You can create Customer Reports and send them for customer approval.

Once the Time+Expense (T+E) Report is approved, the project actual information is updated and they are available for Invoicing and Expense Reimbursement.

The Pre-Billing Tab allows you to check for not submitted items – you can also send Reminders for not entered and submitted time.

Utilization Rates

By default, Accorto tracks billable and non-billable hours to calculate Utilization Rates. Utilization Categories allow you to also include certain non-billable hours (e.g. pre-sales, etc.) and allow you to define your own formulas for calculating Utilization Rates.

T+E Item Days

For efficiency, T+E Items can store weekly hours. For reporting you can use T+E Item days for daily reporting with weekly or monthly summaries.